B.School is a virtual Management Institute that functions as a division of Brilliant Tutorials, the flagship company of the Brilliant Group. The division was kick-started in early 1997, exclusively for the purpose of addressing the management education needs of working personnel in business and industry. The brainchild of Abraham Kuruvilla, B.School is managed by a professional Board, administered out of Chennai and operated through a network of marketing and academic relationships spread across India.

The Brilliant Group

Brilliant Tutorials, the flagship company of the group, was founded in 1970 by Mr N. Thanu, who was challenged by the fact that sometimes even very intelligent students failed to score up to their potential. Consequently, they either did not get admitted to professional colleges or had to choose from courses of study that were not their first choice. Over the years, his objective has been fulfilled in that Brilliant Tutorials has notched up an astounding record in all the competitive examinations. This trend continues...

In 1987, the group diversified into computer training through Brilliant's Computer Centre. Seven years later the company restructured and re-oriented its courses to be in line with the demands of the employment market. The new company was called First Computers.

In 1996, the software development company of the group Firstware Software Solutions was set up. The company has already executed two major overseas contracts. In addition, the placement and contract staffing operation has deployed nearly a hundred employees in the Middle East and the U.S.

CompuGen provides Integrated IT learning system to schools meeting the needs of schools in the area of Information Technology in a comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective manner.